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AKM Just Veg Hosts Chef Fabrizio Marino

As plant-centric cuisines gain global popularity, this exclusive four-day culinary extravaganza allows guests to savour a limited-edition gourmet menu curated by JUST VEG restaurant along with Guest Chef Fabrizio Marino.

Travellers are far more conscious of their impact on the planet now, with environmentally conscious dining, meat alternatives, and nutritious plant-based cuisines gaining ground in the global culinary scene. There is a new energy, a new focus on vegetarian fine dining.

Way ahead of the curve, five-star resort Atmosphere Kanifushi has been home to the Maldives’ first exclusively meat-free restaurant, JUST VEG, since 2013. This exciting restaurant returns with the second edition of its unique culinary extravaganza.

Celebrating contemporary plant-forward cuisine, the four-day event will be held from 27 – 30 July 2022, with lunch and dinner hosted by renowned Italian Chef Fabrizio Marino.

Guests have a unique opportunity to savour finest Italian and French dishes while enjoying the restaurant’s brilliant turquoise ocean views. Fabrizio brings a rhythmic and playful table that blends traditional and modern food, with an authentic occidental focus.

This exciting four-day JUST VEG culinary celebration is in line with Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts’ philosophy, ‘Joy of Giving’, and is included in the generous Kanifushi PlanTM — it is available to all guests staying at the resort.

An Elevated Plant-Based Menu
Chef Fabrizio Marino’s limited-edition menu comes from a deep knowledge of natural, vegetarian ingredients and a recognizable quality of simplicity. Each dish is a culmination of this painstaking creative process that ends on a high note of culinary delight. Service, music and language, every aspect is calibrated for a balanced experience.