Ceylon Bliss

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Ceylon Bliss serves Sri Lankan street food prepared using traditional recipes passed over generations. Savour light meals and creamy curries prepared with a blend of fiery spices and fresh ingredients. Enjoy an explosion of flavours and unique textures.


A rustic wooden cabin under the shade of a massive tree, Ceylon Bliss offers natural seating with swings and logwood tables. Stop by during the evenings, relax on a swing, and let the crash of waves and sea mist soothe you.

Ceylon Bliss

  • Snacks 17.00 - 21.00 (Except Wednesday & Sunday)

just bliss …

Almost in the middle of the island, tucked amongst the dense trees, Ceylon Bliss is a hidden gem. Come here for Happy Hour, choose one of the swings, and enjoy typical Sri Lankan Street Food while listening to the waves and observing the sunset.